Sunday, 25 March 2012

Some rather delicious details...

I dont think i need to say much, please enjoy these little details of hand printed t's and sashes by Lillian's House.  I hope you like the print, think...patchwork, 50's, florals and postage stamps.
All imagery by the fabulous Becky Mitchell Photography

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rigwood Manor shoot...update...

Hello, good morning on this lovely Wednesday!  A while back I introduced you to the wonderful world of the 'Rigwood Manor' shoot that Lillian's House was very proud to have contrbuted too, so i thought it only right that i should keep you up do date with the 'going's on'.
  The shoot was initially featured on the 'Love My Dress' blog back in February but just yesterday the juicy behind the scenes scoop on the Rigwood shoot was merrily blogged about by 'Brides Up North'You can read all about the talented creative suppliers that were part of the shoot and about the ladies running the show, Vicky Trainor and Becky Mitchell.  I loved that the blog was titled.... 'Meet The Northern Revolutionaries! The Vintage Victors! A Vintage Styled Bridal Inspiration Shoot'...have a look here.

Image by Becky Mitchell Photography
Photography by Becky Mitchell Photography
A second blog by Brides up North featured work by some rather talented ladies who took care making sure we all know how the Rigwood shoot looked from behind the scenes...
 you'll be able to find some wonderful little video's by Debbie Stogden Photography of the days proceedings...they are completely charming, made my laugh in places!  The video's capture the atmosphere of the day wonderfully!  katie Byram captured some lovely still behind the scenes shots which add to the whole 'Rigwood Manor' story beautifully, from beggining to end.
Here's one of Debbie's video from Brides Up North For you to have a look at...look out for the tiny bridemaids wearing Lillian's House printed t's and sashes.  Go and have a nosey at  Debbie's second video and imagery by Katie here.

Come back to see some rather delicious detailed shots of the t's and sashes that Lillian's House printed for the 'Rigwood Manor' shoot taken by a certain Becky Mitchell!
oh oh annnnd....go and have a look at this exciting event being organised...'The Wedding Institute'...the next adventure by Vicky Trainor and Becky Mitchell.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lillian's House on 'Rainy Day Greys'

Can you see a snippet of a particular 'Poppy' print in this lovely moodboard by What Katy Did Next
I do I do!!
The top left hand corner features a detail from a print from the Lillian's House 'Poppy' Collection...soon to be available.  I had to share this moodboard with you after i stumbled upon it perusing the quite delicious, What Katy Did Next blog.  I was so happy to see the print sat alonside some of the fabulous images that Katy pulls together to make her inspirational wedding moodboards, and thought i'd share it with you.  Lillian's House is all about handprinted product and I am so pleased to see this being incorporated in an imaginative way into the wedding market, even in an inspirational manner!  I hope you agree that the whole board is rather sumptious, you can't go wrong with 'Rainy Day Greys'! Thankyou Katy x
All images in this moodboard are linked to suppliers from What Katy Did Next's blog. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Adding to the collection, bit by bit.

So I've shown you some of the framed Poppy prints from the 'Poppy Collection'...but i thought i should let you see how the rest of the collection is coming together.
My working process is quite organic so i don't set off thinking 'Yes, this will be a ...' it just seems to happen. I like to let my drawings 'fall' into where they belong, which i hope gives the prints that i develop a nice fresh look!
Thought i'd show you a few of the first drawings that the collection is based on, they just seemed to spring up over the pages of my sketchbook. These sketches are quite raw, but i like the lines and marks in the drawings. It is very important to me that you can see that my work is hand drawn...i like an illustrative quality to remain in my print, so all of the little squiggles and dots that may seem very rough are important to me!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lillian's House enjoys...COLOUR

...for me, colour is one of the most important elements when I'm thinking about print and all of the colour palettes on this blog, 'Color Collective' are so inspiring. Ive picked a few which appeal most to my Lillian's House mind, for the both the use of colour and styled imagery.

I wish that I had known about the Color Collective a tad sooner! Its only by reading the blog of a certain Vicky Trainor that I know about this place, thankyou Vicky!

all images from the Color Collective blog...go and have a look.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Poppy Prints

Last year i stumbled across a rather delicious patch of light pink poppy's in my Nana's garden and couldn't resist taking some photo's to work from later. Stored away for a while, i rediscovered the pictures and the beginning of this little collection came about.

You can see some snippets of the 'Poppy prints' down the side of my blog page but i thought i would show you some framed versions of the prints which will be available very soon. I am currently developing the 'Poppy' collection to include a few other products, perhaps a cushion or two...i will keep you posted.

The poppy images are all hand screen printed by 'Lillian's House' and are roughly A3 in size. Colourways can be changed upon request to match the perfect space in your house!

This print is a limited edition.