Sunday, 27 May 2012

Patchwork love... might have seen a smidgen of a patchwork inspired print on my last blog's a bit more.  Over the last few days i have been fooling around with colour for the print and i thought id share a few pictures to see what you think!  I have a 'penchant' for soft brights as you can see from the first image and this allways battles with my love of all things muted and serene a la second image.  So many colours and which ones to choose...this will be my dilemma forever!  
Any thoughts would be helpful, perhaps i will use this print in both muted and soft bright colours, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Monday, 21 May 2012

A look at some goodies that inspire Lillian's House at the mo...

 A collection of bits and pieces that would create the ideal space to sit your Lillian's House goodies in.  These are all from favourite places that never fail to satisfy my love of howewares and inspire designs for Lillian's House.
  Have a nosey at the links below for any more info on the images above

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blue skies, spoons & Pigment Pots

Blue sky, spoons and pigment pots, a small peek into my printing this week! 
 As promised, some snaps from the studio...i've been playing around with my Poppy Collection imagery over the last few days, tweaking things here and there.  You'll see above some bits of print that i have been experimenting with, working out colourways and scale, hopefully to be taken forward onto some gorgeous linens which arrived through the post this week! Watch this space!  
Also a bit of patchwork has crept into my print ideas of late, i've had a softspot for patchwork for a while can see a quick smidgen of this patchworky print going on in the first pic, i'll have to see where it takes me.  Ill post some more of my experiments of this patchwork malarky soon, maybe you could all help me out with some colourway ideas?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hello once more, apologies for my recent lack of blog posting...its been a busy few weeks with all sorts of new products coming nicely together as we speak, lots of printing in the Lillian's House attic has been a'happening!
I've been working on some new business cards and thankyou notes and wanted to share some of the imagery that i've been using with you as i think its completely charming...all of the photos above have been foraged from a wonderful old flaky photo album and feature Lillian, after whom Lillian's House is named.  Part of the story behind Lillian's House comes from these photo's of her, i hope you like them.

So, i'll be posting again soon, with some tit-bits of colour, pattern and the workshop for you to nosey at.