I specialised in silk screen printing at university and after graduating in 2010 with a degree in Surface Pattern Design, I started to build my own little studio, hidden away in an attic space, where I started to print again and figure out the direction in which I wanted to move.
Present :
‘Lillian’s House’ is my exciting new adventure into the business world.  Beautiful hand printed paper and fabric makes ‘Lillian’s House’ the perfect place to find something unique and delicious to adorn your home, give to someone as a gift or even have in place at your wedding day!
My inspirations for ‘Lillian’s House’ are quite personal and stem back to my family and upbringing.  I find that this always gives me a good starting point when thinking about new ideas for collections and has provided a strong base for the way in which I want my products to look and be appreciated.  Lillian’s House is all about the hand-made but with fabulous attention to quality and detail.  Think...clean, clever and beautiful colour combined to make a quirky and unusual product.

At the moment I am working on a collection which features product printed with detailed floral studies and light hearted pattern, beautiful for the home or to give for someone to treasure.  If you look through the Lillian's House blog you may notice a beautiful collection of hand printed t-shirts and sashes for tiny bridesmaids which was made in early 2012.  These little t's and sashes show the ‘Lillian’s House’ look perfectly; wonderful colour and attention to detail with an unusual twist.  Tiny details like the inclusion of the bride and groom initials in my products give a personal feel and create a keepsake for all those involved in someones special day.  I intend to work on further collections for the wedding market later this year, lots of ideas are ready to be explore so please keep in touch.
With all sorts of new collections being formed and exciting ideas coming into fruition, the next few months will be a busy time for ‘Lillian’s House’! I'll keep you updated so please keep popping back to say hello and have a read!