Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I just love how this looks!

Saw this clever little film last night...Catch Me If You Can... and yes althought the film was good Mr Spielberg, i was more enthralled by the title sequence! I love how the illustrations look as if they have been stamped or printed, inspired much, yes. Plus rather delicious colour ways, quite bold for me but perhaps a bold bit of colour is good for everyone now and again? Opening sequence by...Kuntzel & Deygas (2002). Do You like it too??

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rigwood Manor...the story

So yesterday was a lovely day for Lillian's House. After a lot pacing in front of the laptop the 'Rigwood Manor' shoot, which Lillian's House was involved in, appeared on the wonderful 'Love My Dress' vintage wedding blog for all to see.

If you havn't seen any of my posts about this shoot i'll give you a bit of 'back' story so you know what im talking about! A certain two ladies are the driving force behind this wedding shoot; Becky Mitchell and Vicky Trainor. These two, Becky, a photographer and Vicky, a wedding staitioner and designer, brought a wonderful group of talented people together to collaborate and share their own individual talents to showcase what the North East can offer the wedding market. The 'Rigwood Manor' shoot was born. With a beautiful vintage 50's theme developed by Becky and Vicky the shoot was full of wonderful colour, twinkling silverware and flouncy florals that were styled seamlessly.

Lillian's House was invited to contribute, and some t's to be worn with lovely dove grey tutu's from Bo&Bo, were born. Part of a major inspiration for Lillian's House are the 50's and vintage textiles from this era, so the excuse to be involved in a proect with this theme was just mouth watering. Lillian's House also supplied the sashes worn by the little bridesmaids, which i hope you agree, compliment the t's and tutu's seamlessly (the moodboards for this project can be seen in a previous post). I'll post some detailed pictures of the t's and sahes very soon but in the meantime here are a few of the imges from the 'Rigwood Manor' shoot...i hope you enjoy... pleasego to 'Love My Dress' for more pictures.

Here are a list of the other very talented guys and dolls who contibuted to bits and pieces in the pictures above...i will be posting a full list of details of all of the team who were involved in the 'Rigwood Manor' shoot and the 'Amaryllis and Lace' shoot very very soon.

Styling & Wedding Staitionary - Vicky Trainor & The Vintage Drawer

Have a look at the dreamy Amarylis and Lace shoot that Becky and Vicky styled alongside the 'Rigwood Manor' set which was featured on Brides up North, who will also be showing 'Behind the scenes of Rigwood Manor' very soon.

Lastly, a very big thankyou to Vicky and Becky, i have had a wonderful time and met some wonderful people being involved in this project x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Rigwood Manor Moodboard

Hello today. I thought I'd share a few snaps of the moodboards that i used to inspire the little bridesmaids collection by Lillian's House. A few of the pieces from this collection were recently used in the 'Rigwood Manor' shoot, to be shown in full on 'Love My Dress' blog tommorow!

Sneak peeks of the shoot have been posted on my blog previously, so if you want a nosey just have a look through my archive.

Vintage stamps, old book covers, macaroon colours and round ranunculus blooms.

A light-hearted and fun 50's feel

The 'Rigwood Manor' shoot was orchestrated by two lovely ladies; Becky Mitchell a photographer and Vicky Trainor, a wedding staitioner. It was a prevelige to be involved in this project as it showcases what the north east has to offer to the wedding market! Lillian's House is only a new venture and to have work styled and photographed alongside many other talented suppliers was wonderful.
Keep reading for another post with all of the details of the other people Lillian's House worked with on this shoot.

Align Centre

Some Little T-shirts for little Bridesmaids.

This little t-shirt was one of the t-shirts featured in the 'Rigwood Manor' photoshoot recently, you may have seen a few sneaky peeks of the shoot itself on my blog or facebook page 'Lillian's House'. The final images form the shoot are going to be published on 'Love My dress' blog tomorow and i'm very excited to see the how everything looks!

The t-shirts are entirely hand silk screen printed (with love) and were worn with co-ordinating sashes that tied in lovely flowery bows, also hand printed by Lillain's House.

Have you seen the 'l & p' detail on the back of the t-shirt? They are initials which could be the bride and groom of the day... this hopes to make the t-shirts into keepsakes and presents for the little bridesmaids, a reminder of a special day they were involved in. The t-shirts will be available soon (will keep you posted) as plain versions but please get in touch to chat if you like the ideas of having your initials on the t-shirts, also available soon.

These images were taken by Becky Mitchell, who also photographed the Rigwood Manor Shoot, alongside Vicky Trainor (stationer/stylist/flowerlady), both very talented ladies.

Friday, 10 February 2012

after a busy day

Ater a busy day drawing it is now time to put on my glad rags and head on over to Profile Gallery & Sitting Rooms for the preview of the Wedding shoot at Rigwood Manor! Lillian's House made some beautiful hand printed t-shirts and sashes for tiny bridesmaids which were used in the shoot. Very excited to see the finialised shots, and can't wait to share them all with you!

If only i could wear a dress like thiss....sigh...

For someone who loves paper, it could not get much better. Map Dress by Elizabeth Lecourt

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Setting the scene

A small look at a snippet of a moodboard that i am putting together for my next collection.

A pair, a place and a time.

Monday, 6 February 2012

i can see a theme developing...

I seem to be developing a bit of a thing for classical animal print, maybe it was after i went to Edinburgh Zoo last week? I picked up this wrapping paper from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and even though it got a bit crumpled on the way home, i still think its lovely. It features 18th Century Engraved prints of Animals, made by Frederica Cards, Bath. This little company seems quite quirky, featuring cards, wrapping paper and tags all based on British tradition and Heritage...

Another Anthropologie purchase, i just can't help myself. Notecards, for special occasions.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Look at this print

Only a quick little blog today...Take a look at lovely Bold & Noble.

A fabulous example of the good old art of screen printing and just look at that gorgeous colour. Inspired again!

I'll be updating a page on my blog very soon to give all of you that don't really know what silk screen printing is a bit of an insider's scoop...i few explanatory doodles may be involved!

Image credits Bold & Noble

Friday, 3 February 2012

Edinburgh, more of a lovely place

....a few bits that i picked up after more explorations of Edinburgh. A slightly more, only slightly more, mainstream shop caught my eye this time, and i am not joking when i say that i would live there if i could. Anthropologie is a brand that i have only ever admired from afar on the interweb, but after finding a store on George Street in the New Town of the city i am even more so in love.

For those of you who haven't come across Anthropologie: Wonderfully clever design, bright colour and quality materials make the brand very special, a deffinate lifestyle choice. Some of my favourites were the bedding and desk accessories, comfort and stationary, both very important to me! Anthroplogie is tres chic, but nor uncomfortable chic....its the kind of chic you just WANT.

These are only a few little treasures that I could fit into my suitcase but even though they are small, still are utterly charming. I can't wait to get them popped onto my set of drawers and show them off, the little things matter the most.
Given the chance you must go have a look, everything, and i mean everything is beautifully thought out and put together, making it an inspiring shopping trip for those of us who like to see something a little bit different. Click here for a list of the stores, go and find one. Or just have a nosey on the interweb, you'll love it.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

a lovely place

On my recent travels i found myself for a few days in Edinburgh...and found a wonderful little space that needed a mention. The Red Door Gallery

The big red door is not to be missed in the Old Town of Edinburgh just off the Royal Mile on the way down to the Grassmarket. This tiny little boutique art space is a joy!

Full of work by designers and designer-makers which are established or up-and-coming, the gallery features all sorts of interesting snippits ranging from original prints to jewellry to cards.

This little shop really appealed to me from a 'print' point of view as it really showcases what a fabulous medium it is to work in. Take a look at the website and online shop for some really unusual homewares/gifts/things that are just so gorgeous you can't not have them. If only there were more spaces in the north east like this!

Or go and find it in person, what a wonderful excuse to go on a train journey!

Have a look at their blog

Rigwood House Photoshoot...sneak peeks...

This is a little taster of some pictures from a 50's inspried wedding shoot Lillian's House was involved in recently! The shoot took place at Rigwood House and was fabulous to be involved in as it brought together a great collaboration of local talent!

Lillian's House provided the hand printed t-shirts and sashes that the tiny bridesmaids wore and i hope you agree that they look adorable. DesignedbyZoe made the floral head garlands worn by the girls, shown on the pictures...pretty pretty pretty.

The Images were taken by the talented Becky Mitchell.

Keep posted for more images of this collection in the near future...and for new wedding collections, with all sorts of goodies.

Glorious Biscuits...

....image as promised from my last post...wonderful.