Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Print & Biscuits...perfect

After having a quick scooch around the Guardians House & Home blog I came accross this wonderful lady and her wonderful cushions...

Nikki McWilliams was featured at the Top Drawer exhibition at Earls Court recently and after spotting these cushions I can see why!! Who can go wrong with print and biscuits combined! My favourite is the 'Tunnocks Teacake' cushion. All of cushions are hand printed which is what i love most. I want them all!! Simple is sometimes best...i must remeber this rule and keep repeating it. SIMPLE IS SOMETIMES BEST

(p.s. image to follow in a bit, blogger seems does not want to play at the moment)

Friday, 13 January 2012

a bit of inspiration for the new year

I have been doing a bit of scouting around and this company keeps popping up as a brand that i find really inspirational...'Mini Moderns'. Mini Moderns is a range of interior products that has been designed by Absolute Zero Degrees as an offshoot of their already very well known and successfull brand.

What appeals to me are the constant clean and fun designs that are incorporated into Mini Moderns collections, particularly newer collaborations with Rob Ryan. Mini Moderns say that their deigns are for 'Kidults' - says it all to me!

Look at the collections based on Whitby and the slighly older collection known as 'Folk Rock', my faves. The colourways are just gorgeous!

New Year...Fabulous exciting New Year

I hereby vow to make this year fabulous and exciting for Lillian's House!

With an exciting kick start to the year working on new collections in an area I have never dabbled in before, Lillian's House is feeling revived and refreshed ready to bring all sorts of new products and ideas to the table!

Keep popping in to see the blog and I will keep you updated as to what this year will entail...and what i can conjure up in my little attic studio!

This is what Lillians House have started with this year...think stamps, patchwork, 50's colourways and overall a simple and clean feel!!