Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Adding to the collection, bit by bit.

So I've shown you some of the framed Poppy prints from the 'Poppy Collection'...but i thought i should let you see how the rest of the collection is coming together.
My working process is quite organic so i don't set off thinking 'Yes, this will be a ...' it just seems to happen. I like to let my drawings 'fall' into where they belong, which i hope gives the prints that i develop a nice fresh look!
Thought i'd show you a few of the first drawings that the collection is based on, they just seemed to spring up over the pages of my sketchbook. These sketches are quite raw, but i like the lines and marks in the drawings. It is very important to me that you can see that my work is hand drawn...i like an illustrative quality to remain in my print, so all of the little squiggles and dots that may seem very rough are important to me!

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