Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blue skies, spoons & Pigment Pots

Blue sky, spoons and pigment pots, a small peek into my printing this week! 
 As promised, some snaps from the studio...i've been playing around with my Poppy Collection imagery over the last few days, tweaking things here and there.  You'll see above some bits of print that i have been experimenting with, working out colourways and scale, hopefully to be taken forward onto some gorgeous linens which arrived through the post this week! Watch this space!  
Also a bit of patchwork has crept into my print ideas of late, i've had a softspot for patchwork for a while can see a quick smidgen of this patchworky print going on in the first pic, i'll have to see where it takes me.  Ill post some more of my experiments of this patchwork malarky soon, maybe you could all help me out with some colourway ideas?

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