Friday, 3 February 2012

Edinburgh, more of a lovely place

....a few bits that i picked up after more explorations of Edinburgh. A slightly more, only slightly more, mainstream shop caught my eye this time, and i am not joking when i say that i would live there if i could. Anthropologie is a brand that i have only ever admired from afar on the interweb, but after finding a store on George Street in the New Town of the city i am even more so in love.

For those of you who haven't come across Anthropologie: Wonderfully clever design, bright colour and quality materials make the brand very special, a deffinate lifestyle choice. Some of my favourites were the bedding and desk accessories, comfort and stationary, both very important to me! Anthroplogie is tres chic, but nor uncomfortable chic....its the kind of chic you just WANT.

These are only a few little treasures that I could fit into my suitcase but even though they are small, still are utterly charming. I can't wait to get them popped onto my set of drawers and show them off, the little things matter the most.
Given the chance you must go have a look, everything, and i mean everything is beautifully thought out and put together, making it an inspiring shopping trip for those of us who like to see something a little bit different. Click here for a list of the stores, go and find one. Or just have a nosey on the interweb, you'll love it.

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