Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stamping...simple & sweet

Rumaging in the attic I stumbled accross this little beauty! Maybe its just me but i think its a bit you know what it it?  Well apart from it being a stamp i did not know either.  I had to make enquireis as to who M.Piper was, i thought perhaps a long lost relative...but no, M.Piper stands for Maris Piper, the type of potato!  This little stamp was used by my family when they were growing potatoes; each and every potato sack was stamped with the potato type and number which related to our farm.  I think its lovely, and again maybe it is just me with my printing obsession but i think it captures a little bit of my families history in a simple and sweet way.  I feel a version of this making its way merrily into this space!



  1. I knew instantly - probably my potato connoisseur skills from owning a chip shop ;)